It’s sweater with a message weather

It’s getting colder. Time for a new hooded sweater with MH dessin. Available in 4 strikingly beautiful color combinations. Really nice to wear outside when a jacket is not necessary yet. Or extra comfortable when you are working a lot from home. Or just because wearing a hoodie is always a good idea.

The MH dessin on the hoodie is a parody of the dessins used in the high fashion industry where exotic leather and fur are still used in collections. We live in a time this is really no longer necessary. Help to save wildlife. Wear a beastly good hoodie and roar loud. Part of the proceeds will go to VETPAW, Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife.

Look good and do good. Choose the color you like and order your hooded sweatshirt today. Your style will be roarsome amongst friends, family and colleagues this fall and winter.


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