The collaboration pages are about people who help us create awareness and funds to save wildlife. The collaboration with the famous wildlife and nature photographer Marsel van Oosten ( is very special to us. Because he already supports us from the moment we started with our MOST HUNTED animal pack.

The idea of our first animal T-shirts was born because we could not get our head around the fact that people kill wildlife just for fun, money or certain beliefs. The animals don’t stand a chance against the weapons and means used. That’s why our Animal Target T-shirts show that the MOST HUNTED animals won’t take it anymore. They fight back.

“I am proud that MOST HUNTED has selected my wildlife images to spread their powerful message.”  Marsel van Oosten (

We approached Marsel with the question if we could use his wildlife images for our T-shirts. He was very enthusiastic and told us through his experience on location that the situation is even worse than we can imagine. That’s why he donated his head shot images to us. This encouraged us even more to go for it and make a statement with MOST HUNTED.

In the meantime, we are even more proud of our collaboration than we already were. Because Marsel is Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 and his work is constantly rewarded with various photography prizes. The special photography tours and photos he takes are made possible thanks to his dear wife Daniella Sibbing. Together they are the power team behind Squiver and their beautiful work. A big thank you to both for your ongoing support.

“We sponsor the MOST HUNTED T-shirts with “head shots”. Part of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation. Really cool shirts.” Daniella Sibbing (

Beneath you find our Animal Target T-shirts with the head shot images of Marsel. And did you know that our graphic tiger design derived from Marsel’s tiger headshot?

“So looking cool has never been so sensible before.” Marsel van Oosten (

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