Black Panda Sweater Unisex



Pandas are threatened with extinction. People hunted the pandas and their habitat for years. Now it’s time to shoot back with the Black Panda Sweater. Part of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

Do you like to shoot back like a real MOST HUNTED Panda? Get your sweater today.

Black fitted sweater with white MOST HUNTED panda design.
Limited edition. Unisex.

Size advice women:
When you normally wear size S/M choose size XS.
Do you wear L/XL choose size S.
Size advice men:
The sizes for men are normal.

Please always check the size guide below.


The panda bear is well known for its cuteness, but did you know if a panda is cornered, he might use his powerful jaws and claws to defend himself. He can easily shatter your bones with his jaws. To give the panda even more power to fight its poachers we provide him with a gun. It’s about time don’t you think. Shoot Back. Save Wildlife.

The MOST HUNTED Panda Sweater consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Soft and comfortable to wear all year long.

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