Kids Tiger Sweater Classic Nature Grey



The tiger is one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. MOST HUNTED in many ways, unfortunately. Shoot back with the MOST HUNTED Tiger Sweater. Get your sweater today.

Nature Grey MOST HUNTED sweater for boys and girls with dark grey tiger design. Unisex. Limited edition.

It’s a classic sweater, loose fit.
Please always check the size guide below.


The power of a tiger is incredible. Beautiful, elegant, smart, strong. He would win from man in a fair one on one fight. Unfortunately a tiger has no gun. That’s why we give one. Shoot Back. It’s Time. Save Wildlife.

The MOST HUNTED Tiger Sweater consists of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Soft and very comfortable to wear.

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9-11Y / 140cm, 12-13Y / 152cm, 14-15Y / 164cm