MH Dessin Mask


Roar loud with our MH dessin mask. It is soft, comfortable and easy to use.

The Most Hunted Mask is a protective mask, not a medical mask.
It helps to slow the spread of the virus and helps people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.

The Most Hunted Mask contains:
– 2 layers of 100% organic cotton
– wildlife saving tiger print
– insert for filter (filters not included)
– soft straps

– adults: 20x14cm
– kids: 20x11cm

– all Most Hunted Masks are handmade by Most Hunted in Amsterdam
– therefore the masks can slightly differ from the images shown
– the masks will be made in order of entry
– we aim to deliver within a week
– please be patient, your order will arrive as soon as possible



Roar loud, stay safe & save (wild)life.

We do understand it’s not much fun to wear a facemask. So when you have to wear a mask you better make it a beastly good one, like our tiger mask or an even more fashionable statement maker. That’s why the new MH dessin mask is now available for you. It’s a parody of the dessins used in the high fashion industry where exotic leather and fur are still used in collections. We live in a time when this is really no longer necessary. Let wildlife live safely in their own habitat and make sure you stay safe yourself. Wear beastly good streetwear. It has never been this sensible before.

The mask is reusable.
Safe washing instructions:
– wash before use
– wash your mask at 40ºC
– use the normal amount of soap
– do not tumble dry
– alternative: hand wash with enough soap

Stay safe:
– wash your mask after use
– keep social distance: 1,5 to 2 meters
– wash your hands regularly
– don’t touch your face when not at home; especially eyes, nose and mouth

Roar loud. Stay safe. Safe wildlife.

We wish you to stay safe in your life.
We wish wildlife to be safe in their habitat.

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Brown, Dark Brown, Black


Adults 20x14cm, Kids 20x11cm

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