Start your day with a little wild love. Drink your coffee, tea or milk from the Most Hunted Tiger or Love Wild Love mug.

Basic white ceramic mug with black Most Hunted Tiger print or red Love Wild Love print.

You can order a single mug. Or a special duo of the Tiger mug + Love Wild Love mug.

One size.
Printed on 2 sides.
Limited edition.


In stock


In stock


In stock


Basic white mug.
Material: ceramic.
Content: 325 ml.
Height: 97 mm.
Diameter: 82 mm.
Dishwasher safe.

Wild animals are hunted just for fun, money or certain beliefs. This leaves tigers, rhinos, elephants and other beautiful animals threatened with extinction. This has to stop. That’s why we create awareness and funds to save wildlife. We invite you to spread your love and #jointhepack

Part of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts.