Raid Rhino Sweater Unisex



Despite rhinos are critically endangered, poachers are still after their horns. Help to stop this sick madness. Shoot back with the MOST HUNTED Raid Rhino Sweater. Part of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts. Get your sweater today.

Nature Grey MOST HUNTED sweater for boys and girls with dark grey rhino design, made with love by Studio Hart.

The rhino print remains the same with every size. Unisex. Limited edition.

It’s a classic fit sweater.
Please always check the size guide below.


The Western Black Rhino went already extinct. If poachers keep getting the opportunity to hunt the rhinos down for their horns, all species might go extinct sooner than we can even imagine. That’s why we fight this wildlife crime. Like to join our animal pack? Shoot Back. Wear MOST HUNTED. Save Wildlife. 10% of the proceeds go to wildlife conservation efforts.

The MOST HUNTED Raid Rhino Sweater consists of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Soft and very comfortable to wear.

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3-4Y / 104cm, 5-6Y / 116cm, 7-8Y / 128cm