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To all the wildlife loving rebels out there: it’s time to fight animal crime. Release your inner tiger. Join our pack. Shoot Back.

Become a MOST HUNTED Slingshot Tiger! Get your T-shirt today.
Part of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

White MOST HUNTED T-shirt with black tiger design, made with love by Studio Hart.
Limited edition.

The tiger print remains the same with every size.
Regular sizes, medium fit. Please always check the size guide below.

Title Range Discount
Bulk discount 0 - 1 10%
Bulk discount 1 - 2 20%
Bulk discount 2 - 3 30%


The power of a tiger is incredible. Beautiful, elegant, smart, strong. MOST HUNTED in many ways, unfortunately. That’s why our Slingshot Tiger won’t take it anymore. He fights back. Like to join our pack? Shoot Back. Save Wildlife.

10% of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

The MOST HUNTED Slingshot Tiger T-shirt consists of 100% organic cotton.

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3-4Y / 104cm, 5-6Y / 116cm, 7-8Y / 128cm, 9-11Y / 140cm, 12-14Y / 164cm

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