Let’s unite, save wildlife day & night.

Poachers don’t sleep at night. Neither do The World’s Leading Dance Event DJ Mr. White and actor Poal Cairo. Do you?

Every day and every night wildlife is poached for money, fun or certain beliefs. Stop the madness before it’s too late. Make a statement with the new Final Call T-shirt Collection. The MOST HUNTED tiger glows in the dark. Always ready to put up a fight during the endless summer nights.

Sensation DJ Mr.White and actor Poal Cairo already joined the pack. Now it’s your turn.

Let’s unite day and night, fight wildlife crime in white. You’ll look beastly good, do good and feel good. Go on and check the MOST HUNTED Final Call Collection. 10% of the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

We would like to thank everyone who made the FINAL CALL campaign possible.

Photographer: Hardwich Rosebel
Styling: Nickel Didde, Class of Style students Maureen Riley and Lynne van Kerkhove
Model and DJ: Mr.White
Model and actor: Poal Cairo
Models: Teun Bak, Sharane Dap, Floor Fokke
Models and dancers: Ana van Tendeloo, Marc Oliveras Casas
Make-up artist of model Sharane: Janell Dap
Supporters: Class of Style, Sensation

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