Bow Shot Polar Bear Sweater Unisex



The polar bear is about to go extinct. Not only caused by global warming. The immediate threat is hunting. Time to shoot back with a MOST HUNTED Bow Shot Bear Sweater.

Arctic Blue MOST HUNTED sweater for boys and girls with white polar bear design, made with love by Studio Hart.

The polar bear print remains the same with every size. Unisex. Limited edition.

It’s a classic fit sweater.
Please always check the size guide below.


You’ve probably heard that polar bears are threatened by climate change and pollution. But did you know polar bear hunting is big business. The MOST HUNTED polar bears won’t take it anymore. How about you? Shoot Back. Save Wildlife. Wear MOST HUNTED.

The MOST HUNTED Bow Shot Bear Sweater consists of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Soft and very comfortable to wear.

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3-4Y / 104cm, 5-6Y / 116cm, 7-8Y / 128cm