Wild animals remain hot in fashion. That’s no surprise. They’re intriguing as hell. While talking to wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten about our Animal collection he pointed out something even more alarming than we thought.

Around the world, species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. A study published in Science magazine estimated the extinction rate to be 1,000 times higher than the natural rate. This needs to stop.

That’s why we create fashion items that make a clear statement. The MOST HUNTED animals won’t take it anymore. They’re shooting back. Supported by our campaign theme: Shoot Back. It’s Time. Save Wildlife.

Despite all news media are publishing about the horrors of hunting for wildlife, we missed straightforward action. A clear message. With our fashion items we want to help create awareness around this topic and support wildlife conservation efforts.

10% of the proceeds of our MOST HUNTED Animal collection will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

We will donate this part of the proceeds to SOS – Save Our Species, a global partnership created by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other partners to protect threatened species, their habitats and the people who depend on them.

SOS is happy to accept our donations and did let us know every donation helps ensure they can continue helping wildlife threatened with extinction. Because wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate. Only together we can do something about it.

We hope knowing we will make a donation to support wildlife conservation via SOS makes you even more proud to wear MOST HUNTED.

Shoot back Or Share our messages.

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Go to to learn more about SOS or donate directly.


It gives us a good feeling when we see others wearing MOST HUNTED. We think it’s awesome that there are already so many (famous) people who embrace our message. Thanks for your support. 10% of the proceeds of the Animal collections will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

To create more awareness around species that are going extinct around the world, we are looking forward to even greater MOST HUNTED fans. Do you dare to shoot back with us? Order your item today and save wildlife.

All items are designed in The Netherlands and produced according to European standards with care for people and the environment.

Of course we want you to have as much fun as possible with your fashion item. Therefore, we ensure good quality and comfortable fitting materials. If you wash your fashion items according to our washing instructions, you will be MOST HUNTED for a long time.

CAUTION: Wear At Own Risk. MOST HUNTED cannot be held responsible for the consequences wearing MOST HUNTED entails.


We are proud we created and produced our Animal Target T-shirt collection together with some awesome people. We like to thank these MOST HUNTED fans.

Wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten en Daniella Sibbing from Squiver donated their powerful images of the lion, panda, black crested macaque and tiger.

“I am proud that MOST HUNTED has selected my wildlife images to spread their powerful message.” – Marsel van Oosten (

“We sponsor the MOST HUNTED T-shirts with ”head shots”. Part of the proceeds go to wildlife conservation. Really cool shirts.” – Daniella Sibbing (

Fashion photographer Otto van den Toorn shot the bodies of the T-shirt prints, which were styled by Class of Style.

Freddy Samseer from Demm Fashion Group helped us to start the production.

Around the world, species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than the natural rate.

Shoot Back

The endangered species on our fashion items won’t take it anymore. They shoot back. Are you joining them?

Save Wildlife

10% of the proceeds of our Shoot Back collection will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

In Fashion

Animal prints are hot. In fashion there is plenty of it flaunted. But who dares to make a statement for the endangered species? Shoot back with MOST HUNTED.


You need to be 18+ to order a MOST HUNTED item.

Proceeds Target

Part of the proceeds of our Animal collections will go to SOS – Save Our Species. SOS embraces our initiative and did let us know every donation helps ensure they can continue helping wildlife threatened with extinction.

Limited Editions

Our fashion items are unique and available in limited quantities.

Wear At Own Risk

Attention: wearing a MOST HUNTED item is at your own risk.